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Through success in the Ag (AFNR) cluster, AET for CTE was created to help programs in other career fields document student efforts. Students can document their time and skills in a flexible framework overseen by coordinators and supervisors. Dynamic reporting enables precise tracking of progress and simple submissions of required documentation to stakeholders.

Our passion is supporting CTE programs and helping teachers help students through online solutions. We value our relationship with users and always maintain industry alignments to be a resource that is continually evolving to meet the needs of our users. All the management team at AET is devoted to the industry, and we are excited you are interested in learning more. Helping students and teachers track experiences is our now log in and record "book it"!

The AET's Beginnings      
In 1999, Roger Hanagriff (co-developer of AET), as a University professor, began teaching workshops connected to project-based learning, their values, and the management of the experience. Through the research engagement, it was clear that a formal approach to tracking learning experiences would help students gain valuable skills and help programs better track engagement and manage the process. In 2007, Roger teamed up with Clay Ewell, that had developed a successful event management company for educators, and AET was born! The initial focus was agricultural education, which quickly began to grow and now tracks over 600,000 students in that career field. Through the encouragement of state leaders and teachers in agricultural education, the result in 2022 was a CTE version open to all career fields. Our focus is to bring a consistent and complete academic experience tracking/management system to all career fields to help students gain valuable skills, help teachers manage the process, and track students' educational outcomes to help promote programs. 

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