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Welcome to The AET! We hope each 'Help' section, PDF guide and video resource will be beneficial to you and your students!

Getting Started for Teachers      
  As a teacher using The AET, there are key steps that will help your students get going on the right foot. Check out our Teachers Getting Started Guide

WBL Teacher Grading, Setting up Supervisors & Connecting Students      

Use our "Teacher Checklist One-Pager" to view important steps! Video example
Use our "Employer/Supervisor Checklist" to view important steps!
Video Resources:

  1. Adding WBL to a group of students & Connecting the Supervisor (2min-video)
  2. Add employers/supervisors and have them evaluate students (4 min-video).
  3. Teacher tools to grade WBL and track progress (5 min-video).
  4. View the WBL Continuum Report to view results (2 min. video)

WBL Tips for Students      
View Student and Teacher resources to help in tracking WBL experiences.

Career Preparation Calendar Events & Student Records      
   View how you can add calendar events, create details to share and how to record what students participated. If the event is a student career preparation event, learn how that also builds students' records! View our 3 min. video

AET Message Center      
  You can quickly communicate with your students, parents, and other important school contacts in one place using text, email, or AET inbox. View our video (6 min.) to learn more 

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